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Helping Men & Women Over 50 Live Happier, Healthier Lives


Meet laurie

It is an incredible feeling as I have dedicated my life to others for improvement of their health and wellness. It is my mission to not just add years to their life, but life to their years.

Laurie is CEO and co-owner  of Living Fit After 50 a fitness program specifically designed for those who aren't comfrtable in the typical fitness/gym setting.  

She designed the nationally recognized New Beginnings Transformation Program which has helped thousands of men & women to improve their lives.

Laurie specializes in Cancer Fitness, Functional Fitness, Strength and Balance, 1:1 training along with semi private group training.


She believes each person is unique and works with her clients to tailor their exercise program to meet their needs.


“I became a personal trainer for multiple reasons: it is important to help people lead a healthy lifestyle; for people to see what their bodies are capable of, as well as wanting to make my life style into a career that I am passionate about! A wow moment for me is seeing the success's of my clients!"


You can email Laurie at:

  • Cancer Fitness Advanced Specialist

  • Functional Aging Specialist

  • Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist

  • Functional Nutrition Specialist

  • Certified Personal Trainer (AFAA)

  • Certified Obesity Training Specialist (AFAA)

  • Silver Sneakers ™ Certified Flex Trainer

  • Certified Spinning Instructor

  • CPR/AED 

  • Cancer Exercise

  • Functional Strength and Balance 

  • Corporate Wellness/Fitness

  • Senior Fitness

  • Weight Reduction and Management

  • Group Fitness

  • Boot Camp Training

  • Beginners Fitness Training

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Meet DaN

Dan is a  Certified Personal Trainer (AFFA) and Certified Nutrition Coach (Pn) who specializes in working with the morbidly obese. With over 35 years of experience he has  thousands of folks to not just lose weight but keep it off.

A former Arena League player and rower who competed at U.S. Nationals & The World Masters Rowing Championships he now focuses on helping those who like him want live life to the fullest. 


His philosophy is to help clients get fit without having to spend hours in the gym or live on salad.  He developed the Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Program (H.E.L.P) which is the same program he used to lose over 100lbs over 15 years ago. 


I also believe that exercising should be fun and strive to have everyone leave my sessions with a smile on their face. I want people to think of the hour with me as the best part of their day.

Dan is also the author of several books including: CBD: Myth or Miracle & 121 Ways to Lose Weight Without Really Trying 


You can email Dan at:

  • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM/AFAA)

  • ​Certified Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition)

  • ​Certified Yoga Instructor (AFAA)

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Golden Hearts Certified Fitness Trainer

  • Silver Sneakers Certified Flex Trainer


  • Strength Training/Power Lifting 

  • Weight Reduction & Management 

  • Rowing

  • Senior Fitness

  • Group Training

  • Bootcamp Training

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