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Living Fit After 50
Virtual Team Training Program


At Living Fit After 50 we've taken our world class small group personal training experience and put it online. 

  • Have you been desperately wanting (or needing) to jumpstart your health and fitness journey for a while but been too nervous to start?

  • Anxious about what others might think of you at a commercial gym? 

  • Worried about keeping up with others at a regular fitness class?

  • Want to get stronger, have less daily aches & pains and more energy to do the things you love doing?


Then this is the program for you! 


Whether you're looking to improve your balance & mobility, increase or maintain your strength & agility or simply improve how you look and feel the Living Fit After 50 Program will help you reach your goals, without having to spend hours at the gym. 

This isn't the typical online exercise program where you follow along with an instructor or video, trying to do the exercises hoping you can keep up or having to worry about getting hurt because you aren't sure you're doing them right.  

No friends, this is online TRAINING.  Our sessions are LIVE and led by highly experienced (over 50 years of combined experience) expert trainers who are over 50 themselves. 

We custom adapt the workout and tailor it to each persons level of ability.  Can't do a particular exercise or have challenges? No worries we'll provide you with an alternative exercise or modification. 

Best of all you'll have no fear of embarrassment as everyone in the program is just like you. In fact you'll be part of a warm, caring supportive community of like minded folks who encourage and support one another! 

And you won't have to worry about getting in the car or fighting traffic on the way to the gym as you'll be able to do the program from the comfort of your home of office. 


Concerned you won't have enough space or don't have any equipment? Not a problem! 

While we recommend having a couple sets of dumbbells or bands most of the workouts can be done without any equipment at all!  As to space basically if you have an area you can lie down in (think the size of a typical yoga mat) then you have plenty of space! 

  • Ready to Have A Happier, Healthier Life? 

  • Want to Have More Energy, Better Balance, and Mobility? 

  • Looking to Avoid Becoming a Burden On Your Family? 

  • Ready To Escape The Cookie Cutter, One size Fit's All Typical Gym or Video Workout Program

  • Want To Avoid Being Just a Number and Instead Be Part Of A Community? 

  • Do You Desire Individual Attention, Accountability & Expert Coaching?


Then Living Fit After 50 is for you!

  • Get Unlimited World Class Training Sessions Led By Highly Experienced Trainers (over 20 session per week) 

  • Access To Our Dedicated Stretching Sessions Designed to Improve Your Flexibility & Balance 

  • Access To Our Guided Mediations To Help You Relax, Rewind & Refresh

  • Be Part of Our Fitness Community Where We Share Tips, Tricks, Recipes and Lots of Educational Articles To Help You Succeed and Stay Motivated

  • Ongoing Support, Accountability & Even a Gentle Nudge If You Need It From Your Coaches

                                               & More!


You'll Get: 

All for Less Than You're Probably Spending On Coffee Each Day! 

For More Information or To Apply Email Us At:, or Fill Out The Form HERE

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