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Stronger Than Cancer

Our Stronger Than Cancer program is a well-designed exercise plan initiated at diagnosis, during and after cancer treatments.  Our program may be able to lower the chance of having physical side effects, such as fatigue, neuropathy, lymphedema, osteoporosis, and nausea, along with reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. It is our goal to keep you as mobile and independent as possible and STRONGER THAN CANCER!

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Being a Breast Cancer Survivor, I knew I didn't want cancer to define me.   

Getting stronger and back into a fitness routine was important to me and I found a great studio to accomplish my goals.

I am a 6 year cancer survivor and a 3 year member at Full Circle Fitness


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As a Cancer Exercise Specialist® (CES)  I am qualified to assess, design, and implement individual and group exercise programs for individuals diagnosed with cancer. Along with having skills in evaluating health behaviors and risk factors, conducting comprehensive fitness assessments, writing appropriate exercise recommendations, and motivating you to modify negative health habits and maintain positive lifestyle behaviors for health promotion.


As a Health and fitness professional I have  expanded my knowledge base by learning all stages of cancer treatment, side-effects, and reconstructive procedures and how they impact exercise programming.

No two clients will have the same exercise and physical activity recommendations; each person is unique given their many permutations and combinations of their own health challenges and pre-existing medical and orthopedic conditions.

It is my desire to help millions of men and women, like my mom and many many friends who have been diagnosed with cancer to gain back their strength, range of motion, but most importantly, their self esteem.


We are stronger than cancer!!!

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