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Are you tired of spinning on the diet hamster wheel?

We're Here to H.E.L.P.!

  • Are You Tired of Being Well... Tired and feeling like crap all the time? 

  • Frustrated with How Your Clothes Fit and Not Sure What to Do About It?

  • Looking for Guidance, Support and Accountability? 

  •  Want to Learn How Eating Better Not Only Doesn't Cost More Money But Actually SAVES You Money on Your Grocery Bill Each Week?​

  • ​Have You Tried "Dieting" & Didn't Get The Results You Thought You Would So You Gave Up? 

  • ​Maybe You've Wasted Your Money On One (or many) of Those so-called "Miracle Pills, Potions or Formulas" only to Find Out That They Were Long on Promises but Short on Delivering on Them. 

  • Perhaps You've Tried One of The Many "Diet Programs" Out There and Had Success, Only to Gain All The Weight Back (and likely more) After You Stopped Doing it.  

  • Tired of being deprived of the foods you love, forced to "eat like a rabbit" and feeling left out when dining out with friends & family because you were "on a diet"  

  • Ready to give up the fad diets and super strict meal plans and focus on learning how to eat REAL FOODS in the RIGHT AMOUNTS 

  • Want to be part of a supportive group of people just like you who are looking to lose weight, feel great and most importantly KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF?!  

  • ​Ready to Feel Happier, More Energized and to Enjoy Life?


If You Answered YES to Any Or All of These Questions Then We've Got the PERFECT Opportunity For You!

Lily lost over 30lbs!

Jennifer Lost 40lbs
in 4 Months!

Vikke lost 23lbs in
6 weeks!

Friends We Get It!!!!!

Losing Weight Isn't Easy!


We Know Because We've Been There Too! 

That's Why We Created Our Exclusive 


Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Program


A Custom Designed Program For Those Looking To Finally Get Off The Dieting Hamster Wheel & Learn How To Lose Weight

& More Importantly KEEP IT OFF!

  • We'll Teach You How to Eat To Give Your Body The Fuel & Nutrients it Needs Without Busting Your Grocery Budget! 

  • ​You'll Learn How to Eat Right, Yet Still be Able to Enjoy the Foods You Love so You Don't Feel Bored, Deprived or Feeling Left Out. 

  • ​We'll Show You How to Make Preparing Meals Easier Each Week so You Don't Have to Spend Hours in the Kitchen Every Day! (most people in the program spend less than 90 minutes a week cooking!)

  • ​We'll Help You Understand the Basics of Nutrition and How by Making Small Changes Each Week You'll Get BIG results and Have a Happier, Healthier body Because You'll Be Giving Your Body What it Needs!

  • ​We'll Show You PROVEN Methods That Help you get the Best Results, Not Just in the Short Term But For Life Without Resorting to Fads, Starvation & Feeling Bored. You'll Still Be Able to Enjoy the Foods You Love and Not Have to Give Up Anything. 

  • ​We'll Show You How Healthier Eating Will Actually SAVE You Money each week at the grocery store. That's right we'll bust the myth that eating healthier is too expensive and show you ways to cut costs yet still enjoy eating! 

  • ​You'll Get The Support of Our Experienced Nutrition Coaches Who Have Helped Thousands of People Just Like You to Lose Weight but Far More Importantly KEEP IT OFF!  They Will Guide You and Hold You Accountable So You Stay on Track and Get The Results That Have Eluded You For So Long. You'll Also Have the Support of Others in the Program Who Are Facing the Same Struggles as You. 

  • ​(Oh And Did We Mention You Can Save HUNDREDS of Dollars Per Month On Your Grocery Bill While Doing So!)


Stephanie Lost Over 45lbs on the program and has kept it off for almost 2 years! 

What H.E.L.P is NOT:

  • ​It is NOT one of those "Quickie" Weight Loss Schemes that Promise Things Like: "Lose 10lbs in a Week" or "Lose 21lbs in 21 days". Those programs don't work in the long run and never will because they don't actually result in your losing fat. It's mostly water weight you are losing which is why you gain it all back the minute you stop. 

  • ​It is NOT about us trying to get you to buy some "miracle fat loss" pill or silly snake oil supplement to "strip away the fat" because those also don't work. The only thing you lose with those products is the hard earned cash out of your wallet! 

  • ​It is NOT another of of the dozens of fad diets like Keto, Atkins,  Paleo and the like that pop every year claiming to be "THE" Cure for Fat and then disappear almost as fast as they showed up. (Cabbage soup diet anyone?) The Truth is those fad diets CAN work in the Short Term but for most people (about 98%) they don't result in any long lasting weight loss because you end up feeling deprived, bored or just don't see any results! 

  •  It is NOT a thanks for your money, here's a plan to go follow and see ya later program. You'll be part of an amazing group of people just like yourself who support one another and help keep each other on track. You'll also get ongoing support from our coaches to help guide you and keep you focused especially when "life" occurs as it inevitably does.

Meet Nancy Faccone!


Nancy started with us after trying every conceivable weight loss program out there including Bariatric Surgery.  Her very first day she sat sobbing in fear and frustration, but she stuck with it and after never having any success, Nancy has gone on to lose over 70 lbs and almost 33 inches! She feels happier and healthier than ever and has quite literally changed her life

I have lost 70 lbs and 30 plus inches and I am stronger than ever! We discuss nutrition, stress, sleep, etc. And have fun while working together. I'm north of 50 and I am so glad I reached out to Laurie & Dan. Give it a try. I guarantee you won't be sorry. 💪💪🏋️‍♀️           -NANCY

Best of All You Can Do It From The Comfort Of Your Own
Home or Anywhere You Have an Internet Connection!

Friends we get it and we know that we've all got our reasons for falling off with our health and letting things get in the way.


Life takes over, and one day we realize that we aren't going to live forever...... 

even less so if we don't look after ourselves.


Ignore your health for long enough and suddenly you are staring down the barrel of some serious health concerns.


Maybe it's just that you've seen others getting in shape, losing weight and always wanted to the same, yet never had the right environment or didn't know how?

In any case, enough is enough! It's time to take back control of your health and get your fitness back on track!


With the program and guidance from our experienced, certified coaches, you will learn how losing weight and being healthy doesn't have to be complicated. OR mean that you have to give up the foods you love. Heck you might even find like so many of those who have gone through the program before that you actually LIKE LOVE to eating better!


No "magical" pills, potions or formulas, either.  


Eating salads or shakes every meal and starving yourself doesn't have to be the way.


We'll show you how you can keep eating the foods that you love AND reach your weight loss and fitness goals...... 


It's all about balance.


You can't keep going the way you have been and will have to make some changes, but we realize eating plans that are too restrictive don't work in the long run.


If you are willing to give it a real go and commit to letting us help you, then we will be dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Here's What You Get In The Program:

  • Weekly Coaching Call Where We Will Celebrate Successes and Help Each Other Overcome the Struggles We are Facing and That Are Holding Us Back From Succeeding.  ($99  Value) 

  • Weekly Education and Goal(s) Where We Focus on Helping You Develop Healthy Habits That You Can Easily Incorporate Into Your Busy Lifestyle. ($29 Value)

  • Check-in's With Our Coaches to Keep You Accountable and Help You to Stay On Track ($49 Value) 

  • A Proven Easy to Follow Eating Plan Designed by a Registered Dietitian That Get's You Started on the Right Path. This isn't one of those Super Strict Starvation Diets  This Easy to Follow Meal Plan Has helped Hundreds of Folks Just Like You Learn How to Eat REAL FOODS in the RIGHT AMOUNTS and Get the Weight Off. We've Taken Away the Stress and Made It as Simple to Do as We Can Possibly Make it. You'll be Able to FINALLY Lose the Weight Without Starving Yourself or Spending Hundreds of Extra Dollars on Food. If You Follow the Program You'll Most Likely End up SAVING MONEY on your grocery bill!  ($99 Value)

  • Access to our Private Community group for Motivation, Support, Recipes and so much more! (Priceless!) 

That's Over a

$250 per Month Value 


All For An Investment Less

Than A Typical Night Out!


I'm so glad I decided to make this commitment to myself. At first I was worried about the cost but I ended up ahead because using the tips & tricks I learned in the program I cut my weekly grocery bill from $150 to under $90 most weeks which more than made up for the cost.  I was able to then use that money to buy the new clothes I needed after losing almost 40lbs! THANK YOU!                - Jannine B

Still Not Sure? 
We Offer a RISK FREE
No Questions Asked
7 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

Here's What Our

Members Say About About The Program

Meet Bill Hennings!


Bill has lost lost over 70lbs and now is able to enjoy things like hiking and mountain climbing.  Bill loves the program so much so much he even got his wife Diane to join him!

"I joined the H.E.L.P Program last year. I was overweight, had no energy and lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. Laurie and Dan helped me to achieve my goals and then some! I've lost 70lbs I now sleep better, have more energy, and eat considerable better and I can enjoy things I didn't think I'd ever be able to do like Hiking and Mountain Climbing               - Bill H

Meet Karissa Livingston!


Karissa has lost over 45lbs and found it easier

 than she thought possible to do so!  

I was told I would never do it. I was told I would never lose weight. Then I found the H.E.L.P Program and decided to take a chance.  Since then I've never looked back. Not only did I lose weight I found it was actually easy to do! I began to see a difference within the 1st 4 weeks and with the encouragement from Laurie and Dan I was able to stick to it something I've never done before. Those that doubted me are amazed at my results and I feel on top of the world.              - Karissa L

Meet Tom Pratt!


Since Starting with the H.E.L.P Program Tom has lost over 100lbs and is continuing on his journey to a healthier and happier life!

I can't believe I've lost over 100lbs and while I still have a long ways to go I know that I'll get there. I am a funeral director and my job keeps me on the go.  The best part is how easy it has been. I've tried all those diets and while some worked for a short period after a while I'd get bored and give up. I've been able to stick to this because it isn't a diet but focuses on changing habit. I never feel bored or that I can't have something I want like a piece of cake. I learned how to eat the things I want but do so in a manner that has allowed me to lose the weight I desperately needed to lose!   - Tom P

** Note** None of the photo's you see here have been doctored in any way. These are real people, people just like you who decided to take a chance and join our Programs. These are their real stories and results!

111 (1).png

The Fine Print the Lawyers Make Us Say:

Individual results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are by real people, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Every person has unique experiences and applies the information in a different way. Thus, the experiences that we share from other people may not reflect the typical clients’ experience or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what the best, most motivated Release Technique clients have done and should not be taken as average or typical results.

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